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Dental Implant Maintenance & Care


Dental Implant Maintenance from New Image Cosmetic and Family Dentistry Serving Portland OR – Vancouver – Camas WA

Healthy soft and hard tissues surrounding the teeth are the main foundation for positive oral flora of the mouth. Dental implant maintenance is just as important as it is for natural dentition as the bacterial biofilm accumulates more rapidly around the implants then around natural teeth. The porous nature of the titanium used for fabrication of implants creates a perfect environment for harboring debris and bacteria making even more important to properly care for dental implants to retain them long-term without the need for any extensive additional procedures.

After the healing process is completed and the implants are successfully integrated with the surrounding bone, the crowns or bridges are placed to mimic the appearance of natural teeth. In some cases, the gum recession occurs either because of genetic predispositions or poor oral habits and improper care at home. It is crucial to implement proper dental implant maintenance to alleviate the possibility of implant loss or additional extensive procedures such as bone grafting and replacement of the crowns.

Care for Dental Implants

In addition to home care for dental implants, routinely scheduled prophylactic cleanings with dental hygienist are recommended every six months. The hygienists use a set of specially designed hand instruments to clean and polish the delicate surfaces around the restorations. If excessive amounts of plaque and tartar are noticed, an ultrasonic cleaner with low-vibrating ceramic or acrylic tips is applied to properly remove any stubborn deposits and ensure the health of the surrounding tissues and teeth. If any part of the implant is visible, nylon brushes are used to remove the debris without scratching the surface of the implant itself.

Improved Implant Longevity

The ultimate goal of the dental implant maintenance is to ensure stable and healthy oral environment to prolong the longevity of the appliance and the proper function of the mouth. It is also aimed on avoidance of peri-implant disease associated with inflammation and infection of the gum tissue that eventually leads to the loss of the implants.

With proper care at home combined with professional care for dental implants and continuous monitoring, the success rate of retaining the implants long-term is 95 percent. In some cases, if the patient suffers from extensive medical conditions, they may not be the best candidates for the implant surgery. Other options for tooth replacement and improvement presently exist and may include removable appliances such as partial or full dentures or non-implant supported bridges with metal understructures for strength and durability.

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Dental Implant Maintenance & Care in Vancouver WA

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